We arrange production logistics to guide your filming in Japan to a success.

Whether you are looking for a location to film interivew or an on-screen talent to be featured inyour commercial,we will be your pipeline for whatever resources needed for your project.


Location Scout

We will help you find your ideal location and obtain permits. After location scout, we will report back with photos, floor plan, map, cost, etc.


Let us handle from putting up casting notices to holding auditions. If you have Japanese-speaking roles to fill, We will interpret the talents’ accents as well as their speech.


Hire local crew and save money without sacrificing the quality. We will search the best team to achieve your aesthetics.


We will arrange your equipment so that you can fly in to Japan without heavy luggage. If you don’t know what equipment to use, we will make suggestions for best fitted piece of gear.


We will relay information about the resources accurately and quickly. Also we will be present during filming to help you communicate among the actors and crew.


We will plan your public transportation routes, such as from the airport to your hotel to your location. We can also provide you with a car and driver for stress-free navigation.


About Us

Our main bilingual production coordinator, Hideto Shimizu, has lived in California for about 7 years, studying filmmaking and working at production companies. With comprehensive experience through pre-production to post-production and fluent English, he assists international productions with various needs.

Starting Price

Our day rates start at affordable price.
They don’t include actual fees to book talents, locations etc.

Office Work

  • – Research
  • – Proposal Document Preparetion
  • – Update Reports


Field Work

  • – Audition
  • – Location Scout
  • – On-set Translation